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SHU is a local
country-wide operating NGO which envisions healthier families with simplified access to quality health care. Our mission is to improve the quality of health of Ugandans through Community Health Financing (CHF) approaches.

SHU’s current programming is in 4 areas:

  1. Community health financing. The aim is to: (a) protect families from catastrophic health care related expenditures; and (b) ease access to quality health care services. SHU works with communities to form community health financing schemes. The schemes are of 3 types- all member-managed: health Insurance Schemes; health Credit Schemes; hybrid/ Mixed Health Insurance and Credit Schemes.

  2. Women’s health and empowerment. The aim is to get: (a) pregnant women to attend all the 4 recommended Antenatal clinics, to deliver from a health facility and to attend post natal care clinics; (b) women to actively participate in healthcare related decision making both at home and at community level.

  3. Livelihoods’ improvement. The aim is to improve household incomes of the low income families through: (a) training families in income generating activities; (b) providing income generating projects to families/ communities; and (c) providing through partnerships, low interest loans to families.

  4. Health care delivery. The aim is to improve the quality of health care services provided to consumers through: (a) empowering communities to actively participate in deciding the services the health care facilities offer to them; (b) establishing direct communication and feedback channels between the organized consumers and the health care service providers; (c) forming community health insurance schemes which clear medical bills on behalf of members thus improving cost recovery on the part of the health care facilities.

SHU is currently operating in 7 Ugandan districts of Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Bushenyi, Sheema, Masaka and Mubende.

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  Annual Report 2015






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