CHI schemes launch a new year of accessing Community Health Insurance (CHI) Schemes in eight districts have launched their new year for their members to access quality health care services without facing financial hardships.

The major activity marking the beginning of the new year is the issuance of health care access cards to households which have completed paying their premium. Collection of premiums begins at least three months in advance to allow members enough time to make their contributions.

Schemes in the districts of Luwero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola which constitute Munno mu Bulwadde Union of Schemes Organisation (MBUSO) launched the year in December 2016 with over 7,842 beneficiaries from 1,153 families in the 31 old schemes. A total of 15 new schemes were formed and launched the year with 4,045 beneficiaries from 645 families.


In the districts of Bushenyi, Sheema and Mitooma, six new and 20 old schemes launched the year with a total of 3,206 beneficiaries from 619 households. All schemes in the three districts form one pool of health care funds under Western Ankore Tweragurize Schemes Association, which is their umbrella organisation.

In Mubende district, 10 schemes in Kassanda and Bukuya sub-counties launched the year with 3,073 beneficiaries from 693 households. The schemes are also federated under Munno Mu Bulwadde Schemes Cooperation Mechanism (MSCOM) which manages their health care fund in one pool.

The SHU-managed scheme which comprises corporate members in Masaka and Luwero areas launched with a total of 218 beneficiaries in Luwero and 195 in Masaka.

All scheme members will receive services from 15 health facilities including six hospitals contracted by the schemes networks.